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No longer looking out the window! Refuse to find how much snow is in the yard--it is still snowing on and off. Should be the last of it today. Hopefully for the season! After all, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday!

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4:30 this morning Ralph called the police. There were 2 trucks in front of our driveway and 4 guys standing around. Looked like they were stuck. What were they doing out there at 4:30 a.m. on an unplowed road? We have had a lot of theft around the farms lately. People are taking the copper from the irrigation systems. There is one of those systems just about where these cars were. Around 5:00 the police called to say they could not get here because of the roads. By that time the trucks were gone anyway. Also the other night we had a snazzy looking red car "creeping" down the road and it literally stopped in front of this system. We pulled up next to them to see if they needed help and they refused to talk to us. They sped up and went down the road to the next driveway and turned around and came back. They then turned around again and slowly came down the road again, looking suspicious. We just sat in our car and watched instead of pulling into our driveway. When he saw we would not move, he left. Very strange.

Spoke to our friend, Marilyn, this morning. She is housebound, too. But she has not had power since Friday night and lives in an all-electric house. I feel bad that we cannot get over to help her. She is okay, but cold.

Guess we'll try to do some digging out this afternoon, but don't want to push it. We have heat and food so the necessities are taken care of. Just concerned if we need to have emergency equipment for any reason it might be difficult for them. Yes, the worry genes have kicked in:)

Stay safe and warm everyone.

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By now everyone is asking the snow gods to go away! It is hard to believe that since December we have had 3 snowstorms in southern Delaware and they are talking more snow on Tuesday! We have over 2 feet of snow now and it is still snowing.

Gimpy Report

A couple of weeks ago Ralph had cataract surgery on his left eye. It was successful and he can now see. He said one of the most interesting things is that colors are brighter now and the doctor said that is part of aging--the color tends to fade. Yuck!

Before he went for the surgery he had to have a check up healthwise. When we called his doctor we were told he no longer worked there! Hmmm wonder if he retired? It was his practice to start with. You would think they would notify his patients!!!! At any rate, his cardiologist did the honors since he has the most recent history anyway. At that time the cardiologist was concerned about a slow heart rate. He said after the surgery Ralph was to see him for a check up and in the mean time he slightly changed his medication. The good news is that today Ralph went for that follow up and the cardiologist is very pleased with the results. They will be keeping an eye on him and want to see him again in April.

The not so good news is that Ralph has another growth on his arm similar to the one he had removed a couple of years ago. The cardiologist suggested he have a general surgeon look at it and remove it. Will keep everyone posted.

I am amazed

Many things have gone through my mind since I recently received an e-mail from a friend called "Long Live the Queen!" The body of the e-mail contained pictures of Queen Elizabeth with each of our Presidents from Harry S. Truman through President Obama. It showed pictures of how she had grown and matured over the years. Hmmm--I remember from Eisenhower on more distinctly, but I do remember her coronation. Okay--so I've been "maturing" right along with her, but never thinking of it. No problem.

Then, last night I was looking for some information on the Department of Commerce to use in a genealogical triva quiz I'm putting together. Lo and Behold--they had just celebrated their 100th Anniversary. I was working in Secretary Verity's immediate office for their 75th Anniversary!!!! After thinking about it I realized that I actually worked under 11 Secretary's of Commerce. And Ralph's Dad was a friend of Secretary Baldridge!

I feel old when I think of having 2 grandaughters in college, but the two revelations above did not help my state of mind!

So a note to the wise--keep in mind that we are creating our own past. If you want anyone to remember you accurately, you need to write it down and pass it on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just arrived home from a lovely Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Beth, LLT and Neal, and Auselina. The food was good and plentiful and the company even better. It was made more special with a visit from Chris and Jessie who spent a couple of hours with us. That is the hardest part of living on the shore--it is harder to see the family.

I have a lot to be thankful for. A good husband who does his best to keep me happy and shows his love for me in so many little ways as well as the larger ones. A son who has made me proud on many levels while giving me challenges along the way. He is a good father to his two daughters and works hard to provide for his family. A daughter who has become a strong person in her own right with many friends. She is talented, intelligent, loving, and a friend along with being a daughter. I have also made a number of new friends through our "genealogy" hobby and also through the Ocean View Presbyterian Church.

Now we have Christmas to look forward to! The season goes so fast and hopefully we will not be too stressed by all the economic issues facing all of us.


Just letting you know that Dad went for his follow up with Dr. Green. Everything looks good and all of his blood work was very good. The kicker is that the doctor wants him to lose about 20-30 pounds and 3-4 inches off his waist. That actually sounds like a project several of us need to work at!

We are keeping busy with the genealogy "hobby." Dad taught a class at Wilmington University's Rehoboth Beach campus on Saturday and it was well received. The main comment was it was a little too long, but he had alloted an hour to it and an hour to his Mommy program since he felt the Mommy program provided some insight the previous session leaders had missed. If he has the full 2 hours allowed for the Where Do I Go--Research tips he would have had no problem at all.

I hope this posts okay--the program would not let me into my friends area. It does this every once in a while. I guess they are "maintaining" the system.

I hope everyone is well.

Oh--another interesting thing. Our friend Dottie sent an e-mail yesterday. She was in Bridgeville for the Apple Scrapple Festival last weekend and was able to go into our old house there. I wish I could have as well. She says they have converted my old sewing room into a downstairs bathroom. The old butler's pantry is still there and I am glad for that. It gave a nice touch to the house and I had heard it had been taken out. We all have very fond memories from that house.

Good news and mixed news

Mixed news first--Dad went for a follow up with the heart doctor the other day. Everything seems well but the doctor paid close attention to what he was hearing on stethescope. No need for concern at the moment, but he wants to see Ralph again at the end of September. He is concerned about the night duty and the heat. Ralph is not to do heavy lifting (over 40 lbs) which will be hard for him. He is always moving boxes and things. Another reason to dispose of a lot of stuff:) But it seems the blood pressure is good and they did not change his perscriptions.

Good news--Elaine had a disk removed in hger back on Thursday. Everything went well. It was the bottom disk and they put a spacer in. She had physical Therapy on Friday and did well. They are sending her home today (Saturday). She is doing very well and the only problem is she now has some pretty fierce migrane headaches. The dr. said they would probably go away as soon as she is home and comfortable there.

Delaware State Fair is this week so I am sure we will be going up to see it at least 2 times this week.

Something to be said for weeds!

I love flowers. Since we've moved to the new house, we talk about putting in gardens, building a front portch, etc. We are slowly accomplishing our goals. Ralph bought me a nice fountain to put in our garden area and we have added a lilac bush, 3 hydrangias, some roses (still to be planted), some pretty day lillies, a mimosa tree, a dogwood, a hybiscus, and some decorative grasses. Oh, and don't forget my holly trees! These are all in the front and side of the house. Along with the fountain, we have several chairs to set up for a nice seating area around the fountain on cool evenings.

However, we are in farm territory and I think the yard was seeded or covered with sod that had weeds in it. I don't mind this (except the grass is a bit crispy/crunchy when I walk on it). So far this year I have had pretty yellow blossoms (dandilions and butter cups), pretty purple flowers I don't know the names of, white clover blooms, and wild violets. The combination was very pretty. Now we have an added bonus--butterflies. This week we have hundreds of butterflies. They are really pretty and fun to watch.

Now--if we could just get rid of the nymph grasshoppers!

Today's goal is to try to get rid of a lot of the colorful stones the people before us put in front of the house. We will use them in other places, but need to get them up in order to plant the roses and the final hydrangia.